• YG5602 Dual Swing (EU version)
This kit includes many extras not found in other products. Includes active IR photocell (70GBP value), key switch, button switch, light kit, actuator cabling, 2 Remote Controls and Electronic Lock.

Safety First: Check our competition, many do not meet some or all of the UL-325 Safety standards.

The CPSC reports that from 1990-1998 an estimated 6,800 injuries (or 755 injuries per year) were related to automatic gates. Among those incidents, there were 28 automatic gate-related deaths during the same time period, involving victims from 17 months to 60 years old.

UL325 Fourth Edition requires that automatic gate openers not only stop when they encounter an obstruction, but also reverse to prevent compression or strangulation injuries. Make sure the gate opener you purchase includes both of these safety features....Gatekeeper does.


- Supports gate leafs up to 660b or 12 feet (3.6m)
- Dual Gate Opener opens 2 leafs 24 feet or 1320lbs
- Battery Backup for power outages
- Keypad Interface
- Single Button Interface
- Infrared Safety Beam Interface
- Supports up to 100 Remotes, 2 included.
- RF Rolling Code, prevents thieves.
- Auto-Close Feature
- Solid Steel Lock included
- Push to Open or Pull to Open Configurable
- Self Learning Opening / Closing Limit Capability
- Manual Key Release for Emergencies
- Self-locking and reversible gear motor
- Die-cast aluminum and quality painted body
- Water-proof design
- Extremely quiet Overheat and over-current protection
- Adjustable output thrust
- Built-in micro-switches for gate opening arrest
- Relay Coil Voltage: DC 12V, SCM power supply: DC 5V
- Easy installation, full fitting accessories are provided with motor kits
- Operator can be post mounted inside gate and gate leaf direction can be both inward or outward.
- Adjustable auto-close child safety obstruction sensitivity and dual gate operable sequence.
- Power Supply: AC 110V
- Max. power 735W
- Electronic Lock: DC 12V 2A
- Operating Time: 12 seconds ~ 100 seconds
- Control panel with interface for photocells, loop detector, IC card reader & alarm lamp, and Keypad
- Weight of Control Box: 4.4. lbs. (2Kg)
- Time-Delay protection

  • Model: YG-5602E
  • Shipping Weight: 57lbs
  • Manufactured by: Gatekeeper Ltd

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YG5602 Dual Swing (EU version)

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